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The Bathroom Fan Shop

The Bathroom Fan Shop is a specialist supplier of extractor fans. We have been supplying bathroom fans for over 15 years, constantly keeping up with new legislation and technology. In that time we have answered pretty much every question there can possibly be asked about extractor fans and most importantly understand how confusing choosing a bathroom fan can be for those outside the industry.

The Bathroom Fan Shop Ethos
For this reason our website offering is deliberately exclusive. Rather than throwing up every make and model available, which just serves to overwhelm the domestic buyer, we have chosen only the very best extractor fans on the market. Having sorted the wheat from the chaff, you can be sure that whatever model you choose off of the Bathroom Fan Shop site, it is one of the best.

We display the all important technical specification of every model, - it's air extraction rate, power consumption and noise, so that you can make an informed choice when buying. 

We know that the bathroom fan is usually the last thing to be thought about and as such you probably need it fast. Every extractor fan in the Bathroom Fan section and all accessories, such as ducting and grilles are stocked as standard and delivered on a next day service.

What No Phone Number?!
Firstly, we are real people working in a real distribution warehouse, for a real business!;-) In order to keep our prices low we receive all queries by email and answer, either by email or phone within ten minutes of receiving your enquiry. Everybody who works at Bathroom Fan Shop are freindly, trained professionals and only too happy to answer your queries.