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Airflow Icon 30 Bathroom Fan

Brand:   Airflow
Code:   AIR 72591601
Air Movement M3/hr:  118m3/hr
Air Movement L/s:  32L/s
Noise:  35dB(A)
Energy Usage:  30w
Bathroom Zone:  Zone 3 Only
Operation:  Icon Module
£108.78 inc vat
The Airflow Icon 30 is the more powerful version of the Icon 15 yet the impeller diameter is four inch, so will easily replace your existing bathroom fan. Please note, however, that it requires a 6 inch cut out, if you wish to recess it.

In truth the ICON 30 was needed in the Icon range. Whilst the original (ICON15) fan looks great, at 76m3/hr, it just isn't that powerful and was vastly out performed by much cheaper extractor fans.

Airflow addressed this problem with the ICON 30 which sucks a whopping 188m3/hr. To put this in context, this is over 20% more powerful than any other 4 inch / 100mm axial fan and is even more powerful than some centrifugal and mixed flow fans!!

It's hard to fault this fan. ..It looks great and is really powerful.

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