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Airflow Quiet Air QT100HT with Humidistat & Timer

Brand:   Airflow
Code:   AIR QT100HT
Air Movement M3/hr:  90m3/hr
Air Movement L/s:  25L/s
Noise:  30dB(A)
Energy Usage:  9w
Bathroom Zone:  All Bathroom Zones
Operation:  Humidistat and Timer
£139.33 inc vat
The Airflow Quiet Air four inch bathroom QT100HT will detect when you are having a bath or shower and turn on automatically to remove steam!

With unobtrusive styling, it is virtually silent when in use and draws just 7.5w, so once installed you will probably forget it's there. The Airflow Quiet Air is however, no shrinking violet - Extracting 90m3/hr (or 26 L/s) it is among the most powerful 100mm axial fans. Fully approved for installation in zone one of the bathroom, the QT100HT can extract steam at source so that condensation doesn;t even form on surfaces such as mirrors.

The QT100HT offers fully automatic operation via the internal humidistat which detects relative humidity (RH) and turns the fan on. The RH level is set when the fan is being installed by the electrician via a discreet terminal on the PC board, at your desired level within a range of 65% to 90% RH.

The timer can be set, via dip switch, from 6 - 21 minutes and will 'kick in' once the RH has dropped back to its pre set level.

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