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Envirovent Silent Design SILDES100HT Extractror Fan with Humidistat & Timer

Brand:   Envirovent
Air Movement M3/hr:  80m3/hr
Air Movement L/s:  22L/s
Noise:  26dB(A)
Energy Usage:  8w
Bathroom Zone:  All Bathroom Zones
Operation:  Humidistat and Timer
£59.05 inc vat
The Envirovent Silent Design with Humidistat & Timer is the more stylish cousin of the SIL100HT. 

Beauty is only skin deep, however and inside they use exactly the same components. Regrettably, however, this does not mean they can boast the same performance. Whilst the 'solid tile' front fascia looks great it does impact on the extraction rate, dropping it form 95m3/hr on the standard SIL100 model to 80m3/hr, as the extracted air has to go round the side of the fascia.

The HT model features a built in humidistat and timer, so the fan can switch itself on and off.

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