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Silent Tornado and Turbo Tube Pro Bathroom Fans

The Tornado Silent Extractor Fan is regarded by many as the best extractor fan available. Let's examine its key features to see why it has earned such a reputation.

Silence is Golden

The Tornado ridiculously quiet! Whispering away at 26dB(A), it's so quiet that it had to be fitted with an LED indicator light to show users when it is actually on! It is truly a silent extractor fan and will not disturb anyone at night, or interrupt relaxing bath times.

Excellent Extraction

The Tornado Silent Extractor Fan has a very ventilation high capacity. In fact, it extracts 97m3/hr which makes it the most powerful high capacity four inch extractor fan available in the UK! In averaged sized, heated bathrooms the Tornado Silent Extractor Fan extracts moist air before it forms condensation leaving your mirror steam free and your bathroom dry and fresh.

All Bathroom Zones

The electrical components of the Tornado are fitted behind an IPx5 (Ingress Protected). A rating of '5' means: 'Water projected by a nozzle (6.3 mm) against enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects'. The fan may this be installed anywhere in the bathroom without the need for a low voltage transformer.

Long Duct Run

The Tornado features an innovative impeller which has eleven forward curved blades. This generates greater air pressure than other axial extractor fans, so the Tornado may be ducted up to 6m without significant loss of extraction capacity.