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Turbo Tube TT Pro 100 245m3/hr Inline Bathroom Ceiling Fan with Timer

Brand:   Vents
Code:   NVT TT100PROT
Air Movement M3/hr:  245m3/hr
Air Movement L/s:  68L/s
Noise:  32dB(A)
Energy Usage:  25w
Bathroom Zone:  All Bathroom Zones
Operation:  Over Run Timer
£79.17 inc vat

If you have access to the ceiling void above the bathroom, the Vents Turbo Tube TT Pro 100 Inline Ceiling Fan is by far the best solution to the problem of bathroom steam. 

Inline fans are typically way more powerful than standard wall mounted axial fans and the Turbo Tube is at the very top of the table, extracting 245m3/hr. To put this in context, the most powerful 4 inch axial fan extracts 97m3/hr. Inline fans can also be ducted much further whilst maintaining stated performance.

One of the biggest benefits of an inline fan, however, is the fact that the fan itself and therefore all electrics and electrical connections are housed outside the bathroom, whilst the ventilation point can be anywhere in the bathroom, extracting steam at source. In this sense it is an 'All Zone Bathroom Fan' but does not require a 12v transformer.

This model features an over run timer, so that when you turn off the power, (typically via the lighting switch), the fan will continue running to ensure your bathroom is free of all moisture.

Silent Tornado Inline Bathroom Ceiling Fan Installation Guide 1. The Turbo Tube, sits above the bathroom in the length of ducting (from which it derives the term 'inline'). The fan can sit anywhere within this duct run - performance is not affected.

2. Ducting is attached to the 'extract spigot' and runs to an internal grille in the ceiling. In our diagram there are two internal venting points. Your venting point can be directly above the shower or bath, thus extracting steam at source.

3. Ducting is attached to the 'exhaust spigot' and goes to your external grille on the outside wall. The total duct run from bathroom ceiling to outside wall should not exceed 10m and we recommend keeping it as straight as possible to minimise air pressure, which improves efficiency.

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Steve-Barnsley-5 Stars

Great fan, easy to fit and clears steam quickly. Well Pleased